Q – What products do Karatbars offer?

Ok, Karatbars offers you an opportunity to purchase 24K, 999.99% pure Gold in small and affordable increments. Karatbars gold comes in 1gm, 2.5gm, and 5gm gold bullion.

The Gold is Authenticated and certified by the highest authorities in the industry.

Karatbars are LBMA Certified 999.9 24K karat currency grade Gold Bullion that is encased in a sleek, wallet sized card.

Each card contains several key security features to make their authenticity verifiable anywhere in the world.

Each Card Contains:

  1. Certified Gold Quality and Weight
  2. Authenticity Stamp
  3. Certified Weight
  4. Assayers Signature
  5. Embossed Serial Number
  6. Security Hologram

The company is based in Stuttgart, Germany, Karatbars International is the LARGEST producer of 1Gram Gold Bullion in the World

Isn’t it one of the most creative ways to distribute the most valuable metal to everyday people like you and I?

I have customers from all walks of life who are on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly gold purchase with Karatbars.

That’s the smartest move anyone can make at this time and I hope you will find the value in exchanging your paper currencies into Gold like thousands are doing right now!

Contact me 1 845 750 0778 support@webpreneurmedia.com Register for a free customer account at https://www.karatbars.com/?s=webpreneurmedia or free affiliate account at http://www.begingold.com