So much excitement at the Freedom Celebration 2018 in Las Vegas last

This video was just released today so I want to share it with you. I was
not able to attend but my husband, Abe Cherian, was there.

The big talk is the ICO. A Karatbank coin.

Available Coins – There are 12 billion coins available

Only 3.5 billion are going on sale

Which Countries Are Open

So far – All EU/UK/ Canada/Mexico/South Africa/Bahamas

Karatbars would like everyone to be able to buy in the pre ICO but
this is not possible due to different countries having different regulations.

USA cannot buy now but can when the coin goes on the exchanges after the ICO.

But all of this is changing by the hour.

Free coins will be available for all buyers AND sellers of packages and K-Exchanges
in ALL open countries from 1st February.

Example – Affiliates in the USA can receive these because the are a free gift.

If you are on the fence an thinking of joining this is the best time now.

Don’t miss out – Opportunities like this only come by every so often.

Get the First Movers Advantage.

Karatbars has helped thousands of families feel secure by having a plan to save small affordable quantities of gold.

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