Important Announcement Regarding Karatbank ICO. And How Customers & Affiliates Can Get In On This Huge Opportunity For FREE.

Note: Karatbank ICO Is NOT Open to USA & Canada residents yet, BUT as an Affiliate you can get FREE Tokens! Everything ICO related will now be on the Karatbank website –

Why Get Karatbank ICO? Here’s why – Tokens will start at 1 cent each and increase by one cent per week of eight weeks!

If you hold on to 100,000 coins the value of it may go up to $8000 in 8 Weeks! That’s an opportunity waiting for you to exploit.

Please read the Presentation here

Here are the highlights…

  1. You receive free tokens, they only become coins when they are added to the exchanges after the ICO.
  2.  You get free tokens for sales from February 1st on. Even people in the USA!!
  3. There is a box on your dashboard where you can see them grow! (Gift ICO) This is under The Dual Team System at the bottom.
  4. After the ICO these tokens will be converted to coins and deposited in your Exchange wallet.
  5. Me/Karatbars will give everyone plenty of notice what wallets you need to open.

Save in gold… Get free Crypto!

Think about this…

Buy a 0.1g cashgold and get 20 tokens! If each token ends up worth 0.40cents that’s free gold! Sell a 0.1g cashgold and get 5!

Please be aware that there are only 4 billion tokens to give away and once they are gone that’s it so don’t delay in getting your packages, upgrading your package or stocking up on cashgold

When you sell packages or upgrade your self I have a chart below to show how many tokens this is worth.

It is entirely possible that the free tokens could end up being worth way more than the business packages or cashgold and that’s great

Harlad Seiz spends his days trying to find ways to put more money in our pockets and make our lives easier and this is one of the best I’ve ever seen

Get yourself to Gold Director Rank and also get 1000 tokens for that too! Getting to that rank can really boost your income. (this is 200 Transaction per month…Very easy to do with these products.

The huge increase in Cashgold transactions is going to make becoming Gold Director much easier

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