Karatbars Are Authentic

Pure 999.9, 24 karat fine gold. Encased in a Plastic Card which serves as the Assayers Certificate of Warranty. Produced only by an LBMA accredited refinery and assayed for purity and weight. Retains an embossed serial number unique to that particular Karatbar. The refinery’s unique hologram added to the back of the Karatbar for security.

As long as the hologram remains intact, the customer should never have the burden to prove authenticity, weight or purity. Each Karatbar has very unique Genetic Markers within the warranty card which can be seen using a black light technology. Karatbars have been bathed in a specific DNA bath unique to only Karatbars International as a security measure. The DNA bath is used to autenticate the Karatbar as geniune and not counterfeit.